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Juneau, Alaska

Mods & OOC for the RPG.

Juneau, Alaska - A vampire RPG. - Mods and OOC
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The snow continues to fall over a small town located in the middle of nowhere. Although there was little to do in Juneau, an amusement park was built to rid the people of their boredom. Complete with a ferris wheel, go-karts, and a carousel, J.R. Park was the new center of attention. Soon a theater, strip mall, and a few more restaurants and bars were built. These were add-ons to the hospital, schools, and small businesses and homes that consisted of Juneau. It seemed like the town was growing. Days and nights were normal in the sense that the sun rose in the morning, and set in the evening, leaving the moon to do its job for the night until the sun started its duty all over again the next day. But on October 5th of every year, the sun sets, and does not return for a full 30 days. Thirty days of night seems like it would drive one to madness, but the people of Juneau are quite used to it. Outsiders and visitors, however found it stressful and even scary. Residents were always prepared and for the most part felt safe when the time came to say goodbye to the sun. The year 1981, was different.

On the afternoon of October 14th, children and adults alike were out and about; on the ferris wheel, riding the go-karts, drinking at the bars and dining out in the restaurants. One by one, people began to disappear. Who or what ever it was causing these sudden disappearances soon decided that picking the residents off one by one was going by too slowly. Soon enough, every remaining person in Juneau was slaughtered. Throats torn, limbs gone, and blood staining the snow; the town, was dead. The cause? No one knows. The bodies were swept under the rug by authorities, not wanting to admit that there was no explanation for what had happened. So the town was closed. Years later, new buildings and homes were added to the community, so that Juneau could have a fresh start in life. However, the closed off part of the town remained so, leaving it abandoned. Today, during the night, things are heard from within the gates of the Ghost Town. During the 30 days of night, sightings have been reported of figures in the dark.</font>


× Fall Out Boy
× Panic! At The Disco
× My Chemical Romance
× Justin Timberlake
× Britney Spears
× WWE: Wrestlers
× Athletes *
× Any rapper or main stream pop star.
× Jensen Ackles
× Jared Padelecki
× Angelina Jolie
× Keira Knightly
× Paris Hilton
× Nicole Richie
× Olsen Twins
× Jessica or Ashley Simpson
× Lindsay Lohan

Think of this game as a movie in progress. Although I knew a few here are actually movie stars, they are just everywhere right now in role-playing games. With time, perhaps I will remove Miss Knightly and Jolie, but for now, this is the list. Trust me, it will grow, so keep an eye out.

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Please just follow this simple set of rules. Nothing fancy or hard promises to keep. Just something to guide you if you really have/had any questions. If something here isn't listed and you have a question about it, please, just ask.

oo1. Keep OOC and IC in its place. If you need to say something OOC, use the Mods journal to do so. Keep your IC posts at the RPG journal.
oo2. Personal journals can be used for private messages or more personal feelings about the character.
oo3. If you have a question, post it at the Mods journal. If the question arises numerous times, an FAQ will be made and the original question posts will be deleted.
oo4. It is easier to recognize a post by the icon rather than the name under it. If you need an icon, please just ask. Either the Mods or another player who is willing to make one for you, will.
oo5. Correct grammar and spelling is absolutely necessary here. No "chat speak." You are not a child, and if you are, then you should not even be here.
oo6. Your personal journals may be locked (a.k.a. Friends Only) if you choose, or you can have certain posts locked. It's entirely up to you.
oo7. Original characters only. You are allowed up to three characters, as long as they are all active.
oo8. Post regularly. If you post once every few weeks, then this RPG is not for you. Try to post at least once a week.

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ℵ Horses - Does your character own a horse? Here in Juneau, it's pretty much nothing but a country-styled town. Horses and some farm animals are common here, and even sometimes people ride their horses to stores or restaurants rather than driving their car and to save gas. Yes, even those figures in the night running about in the Ghost Town can acquire a horse.

ℵ Pets - Sure, you're aloud a pet. But do not begin to whine to the mods if it goes missing. It's not common, since the monsters of Ghost Town do not normally hunt and kill animals; they have more love for them than they do humans, so it is highly unlikely that your beloved pet will go missing. However, if there is a vampire who is in need of feeding, and can only get their hands on an animal, it is possible that this vampire will eat the animal just to stay alive.

ℵ Cars - Everyone will have a car. If you don't, that's fine too. Not a lot of people like to drive around in the snow, because it is too dangerous. Besides, in this small town, it's much easier and not too much of a hassle to walk, if your destination is nearby.

ℵ Guns/Weapons - There is only one Gun Shop located just outside of Juneau, so if you do not own a weapon, and would like one, best get to driving to go an buy one. Not everyone who owns has the best accuracy, and not everyone carries it around, being that they think they are completely safe here. Note that shooting a vampire which is not in the heart will not kill them. They will bleed, but they will not be phased. One gun shot to the heart, unfortunately, does not work. This slows them down, but shoot them two or three times, will end their life just as it ended in the beginning.

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This is the proper way to post. Do not do anything other than this, otherwise, you've just labeled yourself as an idiot and that would entirely be your fault, not mine. I am providing this so that everything is in order when a someone posts. It's easy to understand. It covers the Who, What, Where, When, and Action.

Who: Bob Marley (OPEN)
What: A drink at the local bar.
Where: Sunrise Sunset Bar (SSB)
When: Mid-afternoon, around 1:30 pm

Plot/Action: Bob likes to drink, Bob is doing this, Bob is doing that. Blah, blah, blah, etc.

EASY TO FOLLOW, so just do it.

To go to the application form, click here. There is a link at the top of the page that will take you back if you're unsure you want to apply. Or you can be smart and just press the back button on your browser. Whatever floats your boat.

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